working border collie

Working Border Collies

Border Collies are known as working dogs. “Work” to a border collie can look many different ways as they are often trained for different reasons like use in sporting events like agility or frisbee competitions. These types of dog labeled as working border collies because of their job is highly specific and targeted to a particular focus. These types of dogs are very energetic and always eager to do something. Border collies also use to have some funny activities like chasing beam of light of window or running in the ground or around the houses and even looking out of windows. The breed has the ability to learn and perform lots of activities very quickly, and with their intelligent nature they are very loyal to their masters.

Working Border Collies In Action

Border Collies are blessed with being active in nature.  This is the reason that they are easily trained and take instructions provided to them in their training.

Some of the things, you should always keep in your mind pertaining to working and training sessions with your border collie:

·         Give them time to relax. Although the breed enjoys working all the time, they need time to wind down just like humans. Create a place for your dog to relax. Put together a spot in the back yard or in the house that they can make their safe haven.

·         You can conduct working border collies agility competitions for your dog in order to test your border collie’s agility progress. These agility events or competitions can be a means of measuring progress with your pet, it will not only check the speed and time taken by your border collie, but also check the dedication level of learning the activities.

·         As compared to other dogs, Border collie has the ability to work fast and can complete all the duties within the time limit. You can test the working ability of your border collie by giving him some easy commands that will act as a part of the “job” that you are giving to your dog.

Working Border Collies Belong

The Border Collie Breed is blessed with the ability to work. As I have mentioned, they see work as a means to belong, and can be a positive and a negative. So the decision is up to you to decide whether their working nature is used as a good and productive thing or whether it turns into a means of frustration. It doesn’t take that much to give your dog the training needed to give them a positive sense of belonging so my suggestion is strive for the positive.