border collie mix

Border Collie Mix

The origination of the border collie mix can be traced back to the region that is known as the Aglo-Scottish border. This particular breed of dog was originally created for being able to heard livestock and work on the farm. The dog is known for being overtly intelligent and having a special type of intelligence that is not observed with other breeds of dog.

A border collie mix is known as being one of the best dogs for a companion for a pet owner of any age group. The dogs are also known for being more energetic and energized then other breeds. Plus they are a very athletic dog as well.

Border Collie Mix – Sporting and Training

So you might notice when you are looking into pet or dog sports that there are a lot of different border collie pictures that are connected to that. In addition these dogs are one of the best choices for a sheepdog as they are known for being more intelligent then other dogs. In fact there is actually a documented history with border collies that shows that there have been some of these dogs that have been able to learn an intense amount of different commands and words.

The actual number of words that one dog was observed in learning has been one thousand and twenty two which is significantly more than any of the non border collie mix dogs were able to know. There are many different breeds of dogs that are considered to be one of the droving breeds. The border collie is known as being a direct descendent of these breeds.

The original name of the border collie puppy is one that has been around for some time and it is actually known that most of these dogs were direct descendents of the dog known as Old Hemp. The original term was first used by James Reid in 1915 as a way to be able to distinguish between different breeds of the dog that were known as collies. 

Border Collie Mix – Varieties

A dog that is a border collie mix can actually have a variety of different appearances which include markings that are seen as white, black and dark brown in color. The dog has a nice amount of fur that is part of its coat and generally a dog that would be considered to be medium in size. The dog’s eyes can be blue, dark brown, or amber in color. 

There are some other features that can change depending on what border collie pictures that you are looking at like the ears that can either be fully erect or floppy. There are a lot of old myths about the dog like that one of these who are completely white in color would not be a good choice if you want to use the dog to herd sheep. This is because sheep are not known to be respectful of dogs that are white in color.

It is important if you are going to have a border collie mix to know some things about the breed. These include that the dog has to have physical exercise. In addition mental stimulation is necessary.