blue merle border collieBlue Merle Border Collie

Contrary to what many people believe, border collies are not just black and white. They actually come in quite a wide variety of attractive coat colors like red, sable, tan, lilac and blue. The Blue Merle Border Collies are astonishingly beautiful tri-color dogs. They have a silverfish blue predominant color that makes them look amazing. Their moderate amount of coat varies from slippery smooth to pleasantly full. They have a keen and intelligent expression. Their eyes vary in color— different hues of brown, or blue.

Merle is a stunningly beautiful coloring pattern seen in many breeds of dogs including Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Shepherd, Welsh Corgi, Catahoula Leopard Dog, and of course, various Border Collies. It’s a specific type of modifying gene that causes irregular or uneven coloration over the body. The Merle gene can also affect a dog’s eye color and foot pad pattern. This is the reason why some Collies have odd-colored but very attractive eyes.

The coat color is mainly affected by dominant genes inherited from the parents. But in reality, dog breeders are primarily concerned with the important factors such as type, health and temperament. Coat color is the last factor taken into consideration and the blue merle border collie has one of the most beautiful coats of all breeds. Simply put, coat color is merely the icing on the cake.

 Blue Merle Border Collie – Medium Size Success

In general, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs that possess high intelligence and great stamina. These qualities have proven them very useful to farmers when it comes to herding animals ranging from sheep and cattle to pigs and poultry. They are also used to drive away wild birds from airport runways and golf courses. Due to their trainability, obedience, speed and agility, border collies are also extremely successful in dog shows and other dog competitions.

Blue merle border collie were originally bred by farmers for herding but these days, they are becoming more and more popular as household pets. It’s hard not to fall in love with border collies as they are stunningly beautiful and they make great family pets. They are known to be one of the friendliest and smartest breed of dogs. Their sweet and gentle nature makes them great companions for humans.

However, because of their high energy and demanding personalities, border collies require a lot of exercise and a considerable amount of mental stimulation. It is very important for them to get enough exercise or they could become restless and might even develop neurotic behaviors. They are known to chew objects and dig holes out of severe boredom. Many owners are not aware of these special needs which is why they fail to provide these dogs with proper care and treatment. Sadly, an alarming number of border collies are ending up in shelters because families think they are unsuitable as pets.

 Blue Merle Border Collies – Natural Tendancies

Border collies naturally have an intense desire to herd. Don’t be surprised to witness them herding small children or animals in a private or public place. This distinct quality has been bred into them for hundreds of years and is difficult, if not impossible to eliminate.

Blue merle border collie are very loving dogs and they tend to develop strong bonds with their owners. This explains why even though they are not known to possess an aggressive behavior, they occasionally nip at other people or dogs that they perceive as a threat. They are simply being protective. As a whole, border collies make wonderful household pets or excellent working dogs.